Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What the Dems hath wrought

The Republicans have their candidate, John McCain, out of a field that had up to six (by my count) viable candidates for the nomination. This is infuriating for an anti-McCainite who bemoans what he may do to the party and our movement, but it does not quite compare to what lays in store for the Democrats. The oldest continuing political party in our country is in the throes of a civil war. The Democrats, you see, were supposed to have a coronation for Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama got in the way.

Why are the Democrats stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to pick their nominee? There are no fundamental policy differences between the former First Lady and the freshman senator. So what's taking so long?

Some bystanders say that the voters are tired of the Clintons and want someone new. As a 16-year loather of the Clintons I feel the same way, but for ostensibly different reasons.

I earlier wrote about how the Democrats are defined by identity politics. They have a category for everyone: women, African-American, Hispanic, homosexual, homeless, interpretive dancers from Bangkok, and an assortment of other ludicrous identity labels. The Democrats need these special interest groups to keep themselves afloat. Everyone has something they need subsidized. Democrats keep welfare programs and other bureaucratic wastes thriving, thus always giving people who live off them the obligation to keep voting for them. Without these special interest groups we probably would not be blessed with a Democratic Party.

So, what has happened? The two leading contenders for the nomination are a woman and a black man. Two of the Democrats' biggest constituencies were set against each other. Who has been more afflicted? Women or blacks? I don't personally care. Both candidates share a sense of entitlement to the nomination. If either of them garner a majority of delegates before the convention, neither will have a mandate of the party. And will all of the Democrats' blacks obediently march in step behind Hillary Clinton after her husband, the worst ex-president in American history, turned Obama into the "black candidate" who does not have any experience when the only experience we know Hillary has is looking the other way?

Some experts are saying that Bill Clinton has sabotaged his wife's campaign by being a bully, doing her dirty work, and throwing their black constituency under the bus. I do believe that has had some to do with the demise of the inevitable candidate. But the Democrats put themselves in this mess before Bill started yapping. Everybody in the party has a sense of entitlement. We deserve the nomination because our people have suffered more than yours. Now the Dems are facing the specter of a brokered convention.

The Republicans are facing an arranged marriage with John McCain, who has frequently spit in their face. The Democrats are facing the consequences of having no convictions and only special interest groups.

But maybe it beats being Eliot Spitzer right now.

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