Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Wright Tells Us

And you thought we were through with Jeremiah Wright.

Like the media hounds Jackson and Sharpton, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright proved that he too can grab the spotlight and monopolize our televisions with his version of grievance politics, er, I mean Christianity.

Wright and his famous parishioner have been exchanging blows in the media and one has to wonder, why now? It’s been nearly two months since we began seeing Wright’s tirades and gyrations. We know this man has spewed hate from his pulpit and perpetuated racial screeds that are harmful to racial relations in this country, but why are we still wasting breath over this?

Perhaps because we might be witnessing a public sabotage to a presidential election. Obama had virtually wrapped up the nomination by the time that we began seeing these words of hate. I don’t wish to accuse the mainstream media of hiding bad news about the candidate they favor, but it does reek of the New York Times and the McCain-lobbyist "affair."

This parade of Obama’s poor judgment, be it Wright, or Bill Ayers, or Tony Rezko, demonstrates that he is not fit for the office which he seeks, an epidemic in this election year which is not relegated to Obama. In this poor judgment, people can see how inexperienced Obama is as well as how out-of-the-mainstream liberal he is. The "guns and religion" comment in San Francisco attests to his elitism.

The story is being told that Obama was the newcomer, someone who didn’t play by the politics of old. He was a reformer, a changer. Starting with his 2004 Democratic National Convention address, people have been intoxicated by his personality and charm. As Saturday Night Live captured, some people could only see the color of his skin or the mere tone of his voice. It’s a fact that a black man can be elected president in this country -- the Democratic primaries have demonstrated that Americans are willing to vote for a man with different color skin. But some, especially in the media, have thrust this black man to the forefront because they wanted a black president, any black president.

However, Obama the agent of change, represents very little that can be considered change. He is a far-left liberal, not a Republican-hugging centrist as even some GOPers believe. Is he a regular person like you and me? Probably not. His voting record doesn’t indicate anything other than he’s a straight-down-the-line liberal Democrat. He has no significant legislation to talk about. Obama apologists keep telling us he’s the real deal and the last best hope for this country and that these are just attempts at character assassination. But Obama doesn’t have any real accomplishments of which to speak. That’s one reason why people are so enamored by his personality. There’s nothing else about the man to admire!

But now the appeal of that personality may be waning. Obama lost Pennsylvania by 10 points, which was about what was expected. Certainly the comment about those bigots in the country didn’t help him, but we may have heard the real Obama with those words. There’s the public Obama, the one who loves everyone and is the secular Christ liberals have been dreaming of. But there’s also the Obama who worships at a church which spews racism and bigotry of its own, hob-nobs with lobbyists and domestic terrorists. And now we know that he will denounce his pastor, whom he earlier told us was like a member of his family and could not be denounced. Even Wright, when talking about why his famous parishioner and friend was suddenly (pardon the cliche) throwing him under the bus, has told us in not so many words, Barack has to say what he has to say to get elected. In other words, Obama is playing politics as usual and is not that magical agent of change who will create heaven on earth.

So, why talk about this media circus more? It tells us what we always needed to know about Obama: He does what’s expedient, he has played on his rock ‘n roll image to make up for his lack of experience, has probably played on the fact that many Americans do want to elect a black man to the presidency, and ultimately is no different from Hillary Clinton or any other liberal seeking this office.

And in much milder news, Pastor Chuck Baldwin won the nomination of the Constitution Party last weekend. No word yet on whether the God in his Bible damns America or not.

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