Sunday, July 6, 2008

Deceiving Again

It's actually kind of laughable. Democrat cheerleaders and other socialists have been up in arms, particularly during the last week because their candidate, Senator Barack Obama, wait for it, has flip-flopped.

For all of the pandering, the grand rhetoric, the cult personality, and white guilt, it looks like 'ol Barry is just another "old politician."

Let us take a moment to review some of the grievances: in June before the Israel First AIPAC lobby, Mr. Obama rolled over to assure the Zionists that Israel's interests are indistinguishable from American interests. The neocon balancing act outraged "Obamacons" like's Justin Raimondo who realized they had been duped by someone they thought would end the war in Iraq. Not just that, but Senator Obama has been lauding the accomplishments of General Petraeus and how he will give heed to the commanders on the ground and the politicians in Baghdad. What this means is that Mr. Obama has gone from a dramatic withdrawal strategy to, "Well, let's wait a minute. We can't just rush out of Iraq."

Mr. Obama has also been praising the need for faith-based initiatives. Now he's just sounding like President Bush. For all his complaining about John McCain serving George Bush's third term, Mr. Obama is one tax cut promise away from doing so himself.

But what does all this mean, anyway? It all may just seem like some knit-picking, especially to the hordes of delusional Obamaniacs. But these repudiations of earlier positions really illuminate and poke holes in the strawman "New Politics" of Barack Obama. He won over the young people of the nation by convincing them that he was somebody different and would not play dirty politics, was a principled politician, and was a reformer of the Chicago political machine. Now he is wiggling on the one issue, the war in Iraq, that won him the nomination. That leads this cynic to believe that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Obama was just campaigning. Plus, the senator is from the party of Wilson, FDR, Truman, and LBJ; did anybody really think Mr. Obama was a principled non-interventionist in the model of Ron Paul?

I can already hear the Obamaniacs howling over Senator McCain's flip-flops on tax cuts and judges. I do not deny that that is a valid point because the Arizona senator has definitely "creatively shifted" on some agenda items. The main difference is that Senator McCain's flip-flops are mostly irrelevant because whatever "Bush-like tax cuts" or "Bush-like judicial appointments" he might put forward will be negated by a Democrat Congress which will be bigger than the one now. Mr. Obama is of the majority party and will tax, spend, tax some more, spend some more, and expand executive power much like President Bush did during his first six years in office. The difference here is that Mr. Obama belongs to the party that is officially "Big Government."

Senator Obama is slipping, but still in the lead. He campaigned for his party's nomination as a "new kind of politician," but he is very much status quo. The youth voted him in as well as the professional anti-war crowd. Well, the youth and everyone else is going to be taxed and the war in Iraq will continue. Looks like all that money spent on education in this country has really paid off -- for the Democrats.

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