Sunday, September 14, 2008

Worse Than Sexism

For the past two weeks, the Democrats have been near-apoplectic. They were nothing less than stunned. But when the freshman senator from Illinois passed over Hillary Clinton, recipient of 18 million votes, in favor of a candidate who received less than 1% at the Iowa Caususes, the Dems had to know that a woman would be in the running for the Republicans. And when they saw who it was, they were beside themselves, with hate.

Just take a look at the reception Sarah Palin has received from the liberals. Their first and foremost complaint is that the Alaska governor is a pro-life woman. She is a Fundamentalist Christian and a member of Feminists for Life.

How can that be? The Democratic Party has spent an entire generation force-feeding the public that a feminist can only be pro-choice and can either be a career-woman or a stay-at-home mom, never both. Mrs. Palin undercuts all their assumptions about feminism. The Alaska governor has a vibrant family and has molded a career for herself based on her own merits. She has won political office as a conservative woman and without having a famous name or a husband’s coattails on which to hang. She is a woman who worked hard, fought against the boys’ club of Alaska politics, did it her way, and the Democrats hate it.

The Donkeys have long told women that they have to choose between having a career or a family. Left-wing feminists tried to guilt the public into voting for Hillary Clinton this year because she had so graciously given up her law career to raise Chelsea while Bill went into politics. 2008 was supposed to finally be her turn.

Want proof of the Democrats’ horribly transparent double-standard? Take a look at the brutal treatment heaped on the Palins’ 17-year-old pregnant and unwed daughter, Bristol.

For years liberals and the Hollywood Left have glorified fornication. With the exception of the 2005 film, “40 Year Old Virgin,” how many recent movies can one name where the unmarried lead character did not bed their co-star? Abstinence-only, which Mrs. Palin advocates but has not imposed in schools, is routinely reviled. Then there was a firestorm over Bristol’s pregnancy and the gaudy rumors that Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome baby was really Bristol’s first child, an utter farce disproved once one calculates the conception of Bristol’s current pregnancy. Regardless, the liberals’ jumped on the rumor bandwagon in an attempt to shamelessly smear the Palins’ as hypocrites.

Could it have been that the liberals were railing because the young Miss Palin was not going to have an abortion? Could it have been that she decided not to murder the most innocent victim of her teenage indiscretion? Could it have been that despite all the Left has done to promote abortion and glorify licentious behavior that this young, conservative family from Alaska is demonstrating to their country that despite their mistakes, they are committed to a culture of life? Could it be that the Palins’ are living proof that families can keep all of their children and still be happy and productive?

These are all valid questions which grind at the cornerstone of liberal dogma: abortion.

Liberal women are making rounds to all the cable news programs clucking that Hillary voters will not turn tail and vote for the McCain-Palin ticket just because a woman is on the ticket. Some say that she is really a man because she does not support abortion on demand. The archetypal 1960’s feminist and all-around loudmouth Gloria Steinem spouted that Sarah Palin shares nothing more than a chromosome with Hillary Clinton. Some say Mrs. Palin is less of a woman because she does not support abortion or that her election to the vice presidency would be a step backwards for women. It was Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC who reported that only "uneducated" women would vote for Governor Palin.

To quote the noisy former tennis great John McEnroe, “You CANNOT be serious!”

The vitriol directed at Mrs. Palin tells this country just how the liberals feel about abortion and “choice.” Liberals have spent years demonizing conservative opposition to abortion when the latter says “’Choice’ only refers to one choice at all: abortion.” Liberals insist that they are not pro-abortion but pro-choice. They say they favor letting women have a choice with their bodies. That’s not pro-abortion, just pro-choice, they sermonize us. Yet, the Democrats’ enthusiasm for choice seems to apply only to a woman’s right to kill her child. Whereas Democrats fervently support abortion choice, they oppose any measure that permits parents to have the choice to pick their children’s school or the choice for Americans to do what they want with their Social Security money.

It is not enough that liberals just disagree with Mrs. Palin’s position on abortion. I disagree with Senators Obama, Biden, and Clinton on abortion, but I do not hate them or consider them sub-human or stupid because of their abortion views. I just believe they are wrong. But Sarah Palin, on the other hand, was mocked for being less than a woman. Why? What else could it be except Mrs. Palin’s beliefs about abortion?

This is hatred of Mrs. Palin, the person. This is not merely disagreeing with someone’s views. The liberals are trying, but failing, to destroy this person. If one wishes to see a real life example of someone being treated like a second-class citizen, this is it. If one wonders how the white man could have enslaved the black man for centuries, enslaved them because of who they were, then the treatment of Sarah Palin should provide an adequate analogy.

And why are they so consumed by the Republicans’ vice presidential pick? An innocent observer might infer that John McCain has dropped out of the race or that if he’s still in the race, he’s so close to death that he’s toting around an assisted-breathing machine. Or one might be inclined to think that it’s the Obama-Biden ticket vs. the Palin ticket. Comedian-turned-neoconservative Dennis Miller noticed Mr. Obama's preoccupation with Mrs. Palin by saying, “She is deep inside his melon.”

The Democrats are not simply bothered by the selection of Mrs. Palin, they are terrorized by it. If they thought they could beat McCain-Palin, they would not spend this much time trying to pick her apart and would dedicate their attention to Mr. McCain. Instead they are focusing their efforts on proving that they are sexist.

Indeed, this is sexism of the highest order. In my unsolicited opinion, I believe there should be a word that goes beyond “sexism” to describe what has been happening. Saying that a woman can only be a woman by supporting abortion on demand is intellectual and moral bankruptcy. I was too young to witness the “borking” of Justice Robert Bork, but I am a conscious witness of the attempted character assassination of Sarah Palin. The liberals keep trying to trip her up or try to get her to say something bigoted or inflammatory. They are the same tricks they tried on Mike Huckabee, which also failed. Instead, they will have to settle for Barack Obama’s off-the-cuff comments about bigoted Pennsylvanians or pigs with lipstick.

Despite the various pluses that are evident in the vice presidential pick, I still cannot vote for John McCain. The senator (and increasingly Mrs. Palin) is a steadfast proponent of "forever war," as embodied in the ambiguous “War on Terror.” However, that does not dull the glee that consumes me while I watch the Democrats utterly self-destruct. As a traditionalist conservative, I find great pleasure in watching the Democrats, who wrote the book on how women and minorities are supposed to believe and act, see their worldview crumble before their very eyes.

Tolerance is fleeting, isn’t it?


Sweating Through fog said...

All very true. The reaction to Sarah Palin demonstrates how hateful the so called "tolerant" left is.

Carl Wicklander said...

The Right is actually more tolerant in the traditional sense of the word. Just take a look at the GOP convention. It featured Joe Lieberman, Tom Ridge, and Rudy Giuliani, who are all social liberals. And they had populist Mike Huckabee speak on the same night as capitalist swing-man Mitt Romney.

There was a little bit of speculation that Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska might be Barack Obama's running mate. Even though Mr. Hagel agrees nominally with the Democrats on Iraq, he could never have been a serious choice. Mr. Hagel is pro-life and would never have been let through the doors. That shows just how intolerant the Democrats are when it comes to abortion. It's not a choice, it's a sacred rite!