Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Stupid Nation

No, I don't hate America.

However, I am more than disturbed about where our country is headed. John McCain is coasting to the Republican nomination who would be the most liberal Republican to run for president since at least Theodore Roosevelt, the liberal, warmongering tyrant. Meanwhile, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are mud wrestling to see who can get the most delegates with the least amount of substantive discourse.

What is perhaps even more startling than McCain's nomination is what is happening in the Democratic Party. There are two untested and inexperienced senators from liberal states who have said a grand total of nothing. Clinton is running because she feels owed the nomination. She has no experience at running anything. As the Bill Clinton gubernatorial administration in Arkansas in the 1980s and the Clinton White House of the 1990s demonstrated, she cannot even run a household. Who could possibly be less qualified to be chief executive than Hillary Clinton?

Perhaps Barack Obama. It's pretty much a tie for me. He's technically been in the U. S. Senate for 3 years but he's been running for president for the past 3 years, so what does he really know about even being a U. S. Senator? If you listen to Obama speak you will gain a grasp of something perhaps even more disturbing than what is found in the God-complex of McCain. Everyone knows Obama talks about hope, but have you ever stopped to think what he means by that?

For me, hope represents what God the Father gave us through the sacrificial death of his son. My hope lies in Christ the Savior who died for the sins of humanity. I sincerely hope yours does too. But do you think that is what Obama means? According to his memorable 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, he talked about how the audacity of hope "signifies the eternal promise of redemption through presidential politics" ( Language like that sure rings of a Messiah-complex. Does he somehow think he has all the answer, through "hope"? Or is it through the person who would likely be the most activist president this country has ever seen?

What is even scarier is the cult following the Illinois senator has attracted. I'm sure everyone knows an Obama supporter. Why do they support him so unconditionally? What, besides rhetoric, does he actually bring to the table? If he is telling us nothing, and the's the biggest orator of nothing I can think of, then beware of what he is hiding.

Anything that seems too good to be true usually is. This is a cult following that we may have never seen before, with the possible exception of George Washington. But Washington was the most restrained president our country has ever known. When Obama talks about eternal redemption through the presidency, do you actually think that includes any sort of restraint, or do you think he will invent a government solution to any problem, real or imaginary?

What we have with the Democrats, and especially Obama in this case, would be the groundwork for a fascist country. This involves the total control of our country as he sees fit. With language like that, Obama sets himself up to be the worst violator of personal liberty this country has ever known. Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush would hold nothing compared to what Obama sets himself up to do. With a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, nothing will stop him.

Human nature does not change. Power corrupts. If you wonder what the cult of personality can mean for a country, ask France if they were any better having had Napoleon at their helm for 15 years. If we never learn from these mistakes, we truly are a stupid nation.

God help us.

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