Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What does McCain mean?

Well, Super Tuesday has come and gone, but from the sound of it, it would seem that John McCain is the inevitable candidate. He is approximately halfway to the number of delegates needed to capture the nomination. Each of the 3 major candidates won primaries or caucuses yesterday. McCain won bigger states or won in states where it was a winner-take-all delegate count. But what does McCain give us?

By his victory speech from last night one might have thought that McCain had not only captured the nomination but already won the general election. McCain's arrogance is coming through with full clarity. He has been acting like he is owed the nomination or he is entitled to it.

Dissent is an aspect that is not welcome to John McCain. The Republicans' most recent debate a week ago fulled captured this. Any opinion where Mitt Romney differed from him, McCain blasted him because he doesn't have the right kind of experience. He happily jumps on Ron Paul for suggesting that maybe our country's policies have led to Islamic terrorism. McCain once said in a debate, "We should never think that we brought this on ourselves." Well, Senator, what should we think? Whatever you tell us to think? You act as though your word is the revealed Word of God.

McCain feels adequately prepared to lead the nation's military because he has been in the military himself and served on the Armed Forces Committee. But McCain dismisses all issues which do not center around radical Islamic terrorism which he calls ad nauseum, "the transcendent struggle of our time."

McCain knows nothing about the economy or the courts so he has to talk about war issues. McCain has already promised that there will be more wars. I ask, more wars for what? Democracy? Supplanting evil regimes? Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction found in rogue states? It is none of our business to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries. If Iran starts setting up in the Gulf of Mexico, then it is our business. Building up their country's defense is one thing, it's totally another if they're firing missiles at us.

But what does McCain think this war is about? They hate us because we're free? That's nonsense. We've been free since the 18th Century and we were never attacked by Islamic nations or suffered terrorism until we became a loyal ally of Israel and started meddling in the Middle East. It's fine to be allies with Israel, but their affairs are not ours and neither are the Iranians or the Iraqis for that matter.

And what is this transcendant struggle McCain keeps talking about? Bands of terrorists who are not affiliated with any country are somehow more dangerous than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? We should have stuck to hunting down these bands of terrorists, not looking for more monsters to slay.

The United States has a proud tradition of non-interventionism, not isolationism. Our country was never isolated from the rest of the world. We traded with them and immigrants came to our country. We've always been part of the world, but we never intervened in the world where we weren't wanted. Conservatives are always talking about the Founding Fathers but what did they have to say about interventionism? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson each said that we should stay out of the affairs of Europe and that we should avoid any entangling alliances. With that in mind, what does NATO, the UN, and Israel mean to us? Iraq did not attack us, terrorists given safe haven by the Taliban in Afghanistan did. Our mission in Afghanistan is necessary, Iraq is not.

McCain always says that Iraq is a pivotal front in the War on Terror. Well, after 5000 dead American soldiers and an incalculable amount of money spent, Iraq only applies to the War on Terror now because we went there in the first place. This is literally beating a dead horse, but Saddam Hussein was not plotting an attack on us. He had no reason to antagonize us. We were blinded by our own hubris in attacking Iraq.

So, what does McCain mean after all? He means the end of our republic. He is determined to expand the American empire. He will wage endless wars which are currently bankrupting our country. McCain is attempting to reconcile with conservatives, but don't expect it to last long. Once he has what he wants, McCain will abandon them. So, what does McCain give us? Nothing.

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